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Distance Vol Libre

640 rang de la montagne, St-Paul d'abbotsford, Québec

East Coast Paragliding

150 Canal Street, Ellenville, NY
United States

Cloud 9 Soaring Center

12665 S. Minuteman Drive #1, Draper, Utah
United States

Fingerlakes Paragliding

Bloomfield, NY
United States

Trout River Traders

91 Main Street, Montgomery, VT
United States

Product Reviews

"We really appreciate having your products. Our clients love them! They find the colors awesome and the materials are excellent quality. They also love the fit of the models, and your slogan: "Never Comin Down." All of your designs are great, especially the new ones (both in short and long sleeves) with the new logo."

Vincent Vaillancourt, President of Distance Vol Libre

"What a great new line of paragliding apparel! Finally some clothes that capture the essence and beauty of our sport for pilots and non-pilots alike. Great job with all of the designs, every pilot I meet wants a hoodie and maybe a few shirts as well. Buy a shirt not only to help Paradrenaline grow, but to help our sport grow. Good luck guys and keep up the great work."

Mike Steen, Instructor: SteenAir

"I just received my long sleeve T from Paradrenaline and love it! It's a great design and the high quality cotton wears well too. If you're coming to Alaska, we recommend these long sleeve t's! "

Phil Smith, Instructor: Midnight Sun Paragliding


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